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Team Selection for swimming galas is made by the Head coach. In most cases the fastest swimmers are selected to swim to represent the club in galas. The only exception when the fastest swimmers are not selected is at graded meets where cut off times are in force. Team selection is based on the club records which are kept up to date by the Pool Manager and Head Coach. All personal best times and where each swimmer is ranked within the club can be found on the notice board at Epworth Pool.

If a swimmer is chosen to swim in the team, then it is important that they make the effort to be there on the day, otherwise they would be letting the rest of the team down. The team lists are usually put on the notice board well in advance of the actual Gala, and it would be very much appreciated if both the swimmers and their parents could take note of the dates and times of these Galas. A list of Gala’s and dates are on the notice board or by looking at the fixture page on the web site

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