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All members should read this, A booklet is available at Reception

The authority of the both the Head Coach and their assistants should be respected by all club members at all times. Instructions given by the Head Coach or any of their assistants should be carried out at all times. Bad behavior both in and out of the pool will not be tolerated.

If a club member misbehaves, refuses to follow the programme or causes any sort of disturbance or inconvenience to the rest of the swimmers, then he or she will be asked to leave the pool and get dressed, and a letter of explanation will be sent to the parent/s of the swimmer concerned.

A swimming Cap must be worn both during training and when representing the club in Galas. All new members will be issued with a "Sharks" cap and any further new caps required can be bought at reception.

At swimming galas, at the beginning of each race, it is poolside etiquette that everyone must stand still and remain very quiet, (which means – no talking) until the race has started. This is to enable both the swimmers and the timekeepers to hear the start if the race. (Usually the starting signal is a whistle, but occasionally it can be a starting gun!) It is unfair when the swimmers not taking part in a race do not remain quiet for the start, as swimmers taking part in the race might not hear the starting signal and will therefore be at a disadvantage to the others. The Referees have been known to hold up races until all of the swimmers and spectators are quiet!

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