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The South Axholme Sharks A.S.C. was first formed in 1998 and was initially set up to accommodate swimmers who had “outgrown” swimming lessons, but wanted to continue to improve their basic swimming techniques and thereafter, work towards competitive swimming. The club is now well established, with the majority of the members swimming competitively for the club. Sharks is also a feeder Club for Doncaster Dartes swimming club. Where, providing they have the required qualifying times, that can go for extra training and coaching. Swimmers who don’t wish to swim competitively and simply wish to keep fit are also welcome as members, but they must abide by club rules, i.e. following the set training programme for that session, so as not to disrupt training in their lane etc. The “SHARKS” is not a club where swimmers can come to “have a fun swim”. Sharks is serious training, and therefore not for the half-hearted swimmers!

Training with SHARKS.

The SHARKS club is split into four squads, Reef Sharks for those who have just progressed from lessons, they then move on to the Tiger Sharks and then up to up to the Killer squad for the more experienced and competitive swimmers. The swimmers are split into four lanes, and a training programme is set for each lane, each with a different degree of difficulty. Then there is the Masters squad, for the over 25’s. These programmes are set by the Head Coach and should be strictly adhered to by the swimmers. Usually the Head Coach is supported by assistant coaches or poolside helpers who will read out the programmes to the swimmers and help them in any way necessary. More details on our squads can be found here.

Basic Code of conduct  

  • The authority of the both the Head Coach and his assistants should be respected by all club members at all times.
  • Instructions given by the Head Coach or any of his assistants should be carried out at all times.
  • Bad behaviour both in and out of the pool will not be tolerated.
  • If a club member misbehaves, refuses to follow the programme or causes any sort of disturbance or inconvenience to the rest of the swimmers, then he or she will be asked to leave the pool and get dressed, and a letter of explanation will be sent to the parent/s of the swimmer concerned.

Sprint Ladder

 This is a competition, which is run throughout the year with trophies being presented at our annual Presentation evening in December. To score points, swimmers will be awarded 5 points for each Personal Best (PB) time, which they perform during a sprint night or a Gala. 2 points will also be awarded each time they represent the club in a Gala against another swimming club.

 Sprint Nights

The club occasionally holds what we call a “Sprint Night.” On these occasions, the swimmers are timed swimming each of the four basic strokes over a distance chosen by Kevin. These times are recorded on the computer. If a swimmer swims a faster time than he/she has done previously, then they will gain 5 points on the Sprint Ladder.

Swimming Gala’s

 SHARKS competes in three Swimmimg Leagues, both the Lincs. Junior and Senior and the Barnsley Minors Swimming League. If a swimmer is chosen to swim in the team, then it is important that they make the effort to be there on the day, otherwise they would be letting the rest of the team down. The team lists are usually put on the noticeboard and on the club website well in advance of the actual Gala, and it would be very much appreciated if both the swimmers and their parents could take note of the dates and times of these Galas. The club also takes part in various “Open Meets” around the country, details of which can be found on the club’s main notice board in the pool entrance. Lists of these dates can be found here and are also displayed on the notice board

Club Rules

 A full list of the club rules is here and also displayed on the club noticeboard at all times. A swimming Cap must be worn both during training and when representing the club in Galas. All new members will be issued with a “Sharks” cap and any further new caps required can be bought from the club swimshop. (Please see any committee member!)

The club is affiliated to the Yorkshire ASA, North Eastern Counties ASA and to the Doncaster Metropolitan ASA and competes in several leagues including the Doncaster Dinsdale League, Barnsley Minor League, the Pocklington League and the Lincolnshire Senior  & Junior League. 

By the end of  2004  South Axholme Sharks were extremely delighted to have won 3 successive Barnsley Minor League Titles, having won Division 4 title in 2002, the Division 3 Title in 2003 and the Division 2 Title in  2004. Sharks have only been in the competition for 3 years so to win 3 Division Titles  3 years in succession is a tremendous achievement.

Sharks competed in Division 1 of the Barnsley Minor League in 2005. 

In 2003 Sharks also won the Division 3 Pocklington league title against South Hunsley, Bridlington and Pocklington and competed in Division 2 where they finished runners up to Scarborough and will compete in Division 2 in 2005.   

2004 also saw the club compete in the Lincolnshire Junior League for the very first time which consisted of 9,10,11,12 year old age groups. Against formidable opposition the Sharks Youngsters finished in a magnificent  3rd place in the Final.  

Sharks also finished in 7th place in the Lincs Senior League in 2005.

Sharks members also compete in various open meets around the Country. We have camping weekends, discos and have a good social calendar.

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